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It’s SkyNRG’s mission to play a pioneering role in creating a long-term sustainable future for aviation. SkyNRG is the global market leader for sustainable jet fuel, supplying more than 20 carriers across 5 continents in the world.

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Co-creation is essential to bring innovative solutions into practice. Together with KLM and ambitious corporations, we intend to be pioneers and lead the way on the road towards a sustainable future for aviation.

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Feedstock & Technology

Biomass feedstock refers to renewable and biological materials that are used to make fuels. Sustainable biomass is key to the development of sustainable bio jet fuel. Therefore, we identify and develop environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable feedstocks in cooperation with our Sustainability Board and other relevant stakeholders. SkyNRG focuses on feedstocks that offers reliability and scalability with regards to food security, energy security, and CO2 emission reduction. Currently, there are two technologies to produce sustainable jet fuel that are accepted for commercial use: the Fischer-Tropsch and the HEFA technology. In order to get to critical scale and produce sustainable jet fuel at fossil parity, we need to keep developing conversion technologies.


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“We realize that you need to create a tipping point to make sustainable jet fuel more affordable and also to support the development of a true sustainable biofuel for airplanes. We are a worldwide company and we see that it is a real challenge to make air travel much more sustainable than it is right now. We think that partners like SkyNRG need support from other stakeholders like their customers or governments and that is why we decided to join the program in the very first fase.
This allows us to brew a better future together with SkyNRG.”
Jan-Willem Vosmeer, Heineken, CSR Manager
“We believe that, at least the near future, biofuels will be the key alternative and the key option to go for, in order to reduce the carbon footprint from air travel. By participating in SkyNRG’s Corporate Program we will be able to really help and bring this innovation to the market, rather than first create a footprint and later try to compensate for it.”
“I’m pleased to join hands with our home carrier, KLM, to create a steady demand for biofuels in aviation. We at Schiphol have long recognized our responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint. It is our duty as partners in the aviation industry to spur innovation and to create new solutions which make aviation more efficient and more sustainable.”
“From now on, our employees will fly to Singapore and China on a climate-neutral basis. Climate change is something that affects us all. As a truly global company operating in numerous countries around the world, we need our people to fly. By taking part in this programme, we help to make air traffic more sustainable, while at the same time keeping our promise to reduce our ecological footprint.”
“We believe that making progress with sustainability is a shared responsibility for market leaders. Air travel is something that not only unites those companies with a global platform but has a broad impact in the world. This makes the biofuel initiative a priority that we are proud to support to bring about real change for today and the next generation.”
“Loyens & Loeff takes its social responsibility seriously. As a professional organisation, matters such as taking care of our people and our society and a responsible way of living and working concern us. With offices in the major financial centres of the world, our staff have to book a lot of international flights. Since flying on biofuel is sustainable and sustainability is an important part of our CSR policy, we joined the KLM BioFuel programme in 2013.”
“By 2020, FMO’s goal is to be the leading impact investor by doubling our impact and halving our footprint. As a development bank focused solely on emerging markets, we achieve our largest impact via the projects we finance. In order to reach most of our clients, we do however need to use air travel. To decrease our flying footprint, we employ various innovative solutions, like video conferencing and travel planning. The opportunity to be part of the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme, using second generation bio jet fuels is truly inspiring. Therefore, we are excited to participate the program and work together with SkyNRG to contribute to the development of cutting-edge second generation biofuels that aim to make air travel more sustainable and reduce the footprint our business activities.”
“As a cooperative pension fund administrator with a broad sustainability agenda, PGGM wants its partnership to contribute to the future-oriented and innovative approach of SkyNRG and KLM. PGGM is naturally concerned with the long-term and thinks you should invest in a valuable future. Actively looking for alternative fuels for sustainable aviation by SkyNRG contributes to this vision.”
Paul Loven, CFO PGGM