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30 04, 2015

Solar Impulse Prepares For 5 Days & Nights Crossing Pacific Ocean

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André Borschberg, co-founder and pilot of Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) and is preparing for the biggest flight for the solar-powered airplane to date. André Borschberg will pilot the most energy-efficient airplane in the world from the most populous country in the world, China, to the very small island of Oahu, Hawaii. This is a first in aviation history and he will attempot to fly for five consecutive days and nights. The first possible date for the epic Pacific Crossing is Tuesday, May 12.

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30 04, 2015

Parliament was right not to reallocate CEF and Horizon 2020 funds to the Juncker Plan

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The European Parliament’s decision to safeguard Connecting Europe Facility and Horizon 2020 funds from the Juncker Plan projects is a positive move, in order to reach greenhouse gas and oil dependency reduction objectives.

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29 04, 2015

Parliament rubber stamps EU biofuels reform amid final controversy

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The European Parliament gave its final approval on Tuesday (28 April) to a law limiting the use of crop-based biofuel in the transport sector. “With this limit, Europe will prevent emissions of up to 320 million tonnes of CO2, which would otherwise have been caused by extra bad biofuels needed to meet the 10% target. The emissions avoided equal to Poland’s total carbon emissions in 2012,” said Pietro Caloprisco, senior policy officer at Transport & Environment (T&E), a pressure group.

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27 04, 2015

Sydney becomes first Australian airport to release a sustainability report

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CEO Kerrie Mather said the airport had made a significant investment in reducing waste, energy consumption and water usage, including recycling water in terminals and installing in-ground power for aircraft to improve air quality.

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24 04, 2015

JetBlue turns in impressive fuel efficiency gains but emissions continue to grow as a result of traffic growth

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To help meet its efficiency goals, JetBlue started an initiative last year called ‘Fuel is Everyone’s Business’, with staff implementing trials and procedures that have so far saved $2.5 million in fuel costs. One example is to reduce engine idling time, which can reduce fuel consumption by millions of pounds annually, it says.

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23 04, 2015

LAX’s new ocean wave international terminal is awarded LEED Gold sustainability status

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The new 1.25-million-square-foot Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has become the largest terminal in the United States to achieve LEED Gold certification by the US Green Building Council.

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16 04, 2015

Red Rock’s first commercial scale renewable jet fuel refinery edges closer as it secures venture capital funding

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Construction could start as early as this summer of Red Rock Biofuel’s first commercial scale refinery in Lakeview, Oregon to produce renewable jet fuels from woody biomass sourced from forests and sawmills. This follows the announcement of a partnership with venture capital firm Flagship Ventures that includes an undisclosed investment in Red Rock. The cost of the refinery is put at $200 million, $70 million of which will come from an award last year by the US Departments of Agriculture, Energy and Navy, and production of jet fuel, diesel and naphtha is expected to start around 18 months after […]

13 04, 2015

Jonas van Stekelenburg per 1 augustus directeur Cargo van Schiphol

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Per 1 augustus wordt Jonas van Stekelenburg directeur Cargo van luchthaven Schiphol. Hij volgt Enno Osinga op die in september met pensioen gaat. Dat heeft de luchthaven bekendgemaakt. In zijn nieuwe functie gaat Van Stekelenburg zich bezighouden met de verdere ontwikkeling van de cargomarktplaats op de luchthaven. Van Stekelenburg is al enige tijd werkzaam voor de Schiphol Group. Dit heeft hij gedaan in Amsterdam maar ook in het buitenland. De afgelopen jaren was van Stekelenburg directeur van The Grounds.

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13 04, 2015

Vancouver commits to run on 100 per cent renewable energy

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Vancouver has become the latest city to commit to running on 100 per cent renewable energy. The city of 600,000 on Canada’s west coast aims to use only green energy sources for electricity, and also for heating and cooling and transportation.

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8 04, 2015

JetBlue Green Initiative

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JetBlue recently announced its eighth annual “One Thing That’s Green” initiative. This ongoing campaign encourages our customers and crew members to undertake one green initiative in their daily lives to help reduce their carbon footprint. As such, to date nearly 3,000 JetBlue crew members and community volunteers have planted more than 3,500 trees and cleaned nearly three tons of trash in cities including New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Orlando.

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Sustainable jet fuels are produced from sustainable feedstocks like waste streams and non-food energy crops.

These fuels offer the single largest opportunity to reduce emissions, while ensuring long term fuel security for the aviation sector.

Sustainable jet fuel blends can be referred to as ‘drop-in’ fuels, because they have the ability to be used without any changes made to the infrastructure, such as distribution and engine fuel systems.
What are Sustainable Jet Fuels?
The aviation industry is the world’s fasted growing transport sector and responsible for approximately 2,5 % of the global manmade CO2 emissions. Even with efficiency measures taken, this figure is expected to rise to 4 – 4.5 per cent by 2050, without any mitigation.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing this impact is to look for solutions that preserve the sectors social benefits, while maintaining its growth.

99% of an airline’s emissions comes from the combustion of jet fuel. Energy sources like solar, electric and hydrogen do not offer an alternative as aviation will be relying on high density liquid energy carriers for the coming decades. Therefore, sustainable jet fuels are viewed as the best opportunity to reduce carbon emissions.

For more information on Sustainable jet fuel, you can read SkyNRG’s White Paper on Sustainable Jet Fuel.
Rationale for Sustainable Jet fuel
In every decision that we make, we follow the vision on sustainable fuels, set by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the Energy Vision 2050.:

Sustainable biofuels:
• Exhibit minimal impact on biodiversity
• Meet a sustainability standard with respect to land, water, and energy use
• Do not displace or compete with food crops
• Provide a positive socioeconomic impact.

To ensure the sustainability of our fuels, we have established various measures and important partnerships:

SkyNRG has installed an independent Sustainability Board, consisting of the Dutch wing of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF-NL), Solidaridad and the Copernicus Institute of the University of Utrecht that advises us on all feedstock and technology decisions.

SkyNRG is a member of the Roundtable of Sustainable Biomaterials.

We are in continuous dialogue with local and global NGOs to make sure we do not miss important issues in respect to the feedstock we w(want to) use and fuel we make

To learn more about SkyNRG’s approach to sustainability, visit our sustainability page.
Sustainability Guarantee