It’s SkyNRG’s mission to make sustainable aviation fuels the new global standard

Flying is essential for economies and businesses globally and at the same time enables us to visit family and enjoy holidays on the other side of the world. But partly because of its growing importance, the aviation industry is expected to double in carbon emissions by 2050. SkyNRG believes that exploring the world shouldn’t cost the earth and wants to offer everyone the opportunity to fly sustainably. That’s why it’s SkyNRG mission to make sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) the new global standard.

More than 99% of airline emissions and approximately 50% of airport emissions result from the combustion of kerosene. Increased energy efficiency and energy demand reduction are effective ways and first priority to reduce fuel consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions. But efficiency improvements do not offer a sole solution to aviation-related emissions and dependency on oil. Because airplanes are not able to switch to alternative energy sources like hydrogen or electricity, SAF made from renewable biomass is the only way to significantly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and at the same time reduce the dependency on fossil kerosene. For this reason, we subscribe the WWF statement that sustainable biomass should primarily be used for those transport sectors that have no alternative for liquid fuels (WWF Energy Report 2011).

For SkyNRG it’s evident that the production of our fuel doesn’t have negative side effects such as deforestation or the displacement of food crops. But for us, sustainability is about much more than reducing CO2 emissions or avoiding harmful impact. We believe that sustainability is all about improving the status quo and therefore we continuously strive to take that extra step to realize positive socio-economic impact along the way. Apart from reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80%, particular matter (PM) by up to 90% and reduce Sulphur (SOx) emissions by 100% %, compared to fossil jet fuel, our SAF can increase energy security and bring economic development (job creation, industry development, land use and research & development). In order to be a leading brand in realizing this positive impact, we are convinced that co-creation is key. We, therefore, build strong partnerships with all relevant players throughout the supply chain: from airlines, companies and airports to NGOs, governments and technology players.

Teaming up with these partners has been essential to building SkyNRG’s impressive track record since the company was founded in 2010 and supplied many of the initial commercial SAF flights worldwide. Today, we’re the proud world market leader in sustainable aviation fuels, having supplied over 25 airlines on all continents. SkyNRG takes care of all operations (from fuel sourcing to airport delivery), guarantees sustainability throughout the supply chain and helps to co-fund the premium for sustainable aviation fuel. Examples of successful co-funding programs are the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme and the Fly Green Fund. For the long-term, SkyNRG focuses on developing regional supply chains that offer a real sustainable and affordable alternative to fossil fuels. To guarantee the sustainability of our product, SkyNRG has its operations RSB certified and is structurally advised by an independent Sustainability Board in which WWF International, European Climate Foundation, Solidaridad Network and the University of Groningen hold a seat.