Maarten van Dijk
Executive Director
Theye Veen
Executive Director
Eline Schapers
Head of Supply, Sales & Operations
Merel Laroy
Head of Marketing & Communications
Misha Valk
Head of Business Development
Renco Beunis
Operations Manager
Charlotte Hardenbol
Head of Customer Programs
Oskar Meijerink
Business Development Manager
Abdulkafi Abdul Samad
Karlijn Arts
Policy & Sustainability Manager
Thom Nieves Asensio
Project Manager Sales & Supply
Myrna D’Mattos
Office Manager
Bart Rosendaal
Team DSL Engineering & Technology
Kasper Spitzen
Team DSL Commercial & Investments
Hein van den Hout
Team DSL Legal Counsel
Marc Kenis
Team DSL EPC Project Manager
Remco van der Horst
Team DSL Project Counsel