Sustainability Board

To make the right decisions now and in the future, SkyNRG is advised by an independent Sustainability Board, consisting of representatives of WWF-International, European Climate Foundation, Solidaridad Network, and the University of Groningen. The Board advises SkyNRG on all aspects related to the impacts sustainability can have on the business (feedstock, policy implications, media exposure, managing stakeholders etc.). In the case of advice on feedstock, SkyNRG’s Sustainability Board follows a strict procedure to assess feedstocks and the board’s endorsement or rejection determines whether SkyNRG can work with a potential feedstock and supplier. SkyNRG is committed to having the approval of the Sustainability Board before buying a specific feedstock.

The process

The process, as written in the by-laws, consists of three steps. First initial information of the feedstock supplier is gathered and presented to the Sustainability Board. The board can then make a decision which is either: positive, negative, or a request for more information. The first only happens when the supplier has a proven independently assessed track record, e.g., a Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials certification of their process. When the board recommends avoidance, the dossier with this supplier will be closed and SkyNRG is not able to use the feedstock or supplier. A request for more information can consist of additional information or a field visit, to ensure that the sustainability criteria are met. The third and final step will then be the approval and possibility for SkyNRG to continue with the procurement of the feedstock.

The People

André Faaij
University of Groningen
Jenny Walter Thoss
World Wide Fund for Nature – International
Gert van der Bijl
Solidaridad Network
Pete Harrison
European Climate Foundation