At SkyNRG, we believe that co-creation is essential to bring innovative solutions into practice. Together with leading corporations, airlines and other key stakeholders participating in our Corporate Program, we intend to be pioneers and lead the way on the road towards a sustainable future for aviation.


The aim of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% in 2020 from 2009 levels and by 50% in 2050.

KLM strives for a 1% mix of sustainable biojet fuel throughout the entire fleet by 2015

And what is your Corporations’ target for 2020? We invite you to reduce your CO2 footprint together with SkyNRG. Mail us at corporateprogram@skynrg.com

About SkyNRG’s Corporate Program

Together with leading corporations and airlines we intend to be pioneers and realize a sustainable future for aviation.

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Why Join SkyNRG’s Corporate Program?

We designed the Corporate Program for corporations that demonstrate leadership in the field of sustainability.

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How does SkyNRG’s Corporate Program work?

As a corporate client of SkyNRG’s Corporate Program, we offer you to fly on sustainable jet fuel and reduce your footprint from business travel.

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“We realize that you need to create a tipping point to make sustainable jet fuel more affordable and also to support the development of a true sustainable biofuel for airplanes. We are a worldwide company and we see that it is a real challenge to make air travel much more sustainable than it is right now. We think that partners like SkyNRG need support from other stakeholders like their customers or governments and that is why we decided to join the program in the very first fase.
This allows us to brew a better future together with SkyNRG.”
Jan-Willem Vosmeer, Heinekenen, CSR Manager
“We believe that, at least the near future, biofuels will be the key alternative and the key option to go for, in Online Casino order to reduce the carbon footprint from air travel. By participating in SkyNRG’s Corporate Program we will be able to really help and bring this innovation to the market, rather than first create a footprint and later try to compensate for it.”
“Nike’s ambition is to make the world better through sport and serve the need of the athletes and the planet at the same time. Through inspiration and innovation we want to help shape the future for the next generations. Therefore we decided to join the SkyNRG program. Our support will help to accelerate the research and the hunt for the most sustainable fuel options. Let’s Just Do it with more sustainable bio-fuel!”
“For us at Siemens, sustainability means acting in the best interest of coming generations – with respect to the economy, the environment and society. The transition to a low-carbon economy will be the biggest challenge of this century, requiring changes on every scale and of all of us. That’s why, In line with our pioneering spirit, we are proud to participate in SkyNRG’s Corporate Program to help change air travel as it is today. Rather than CO2 compensation, we want to be part of this green innovation in order to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet.”
“TomTom is all about movement. Our aim is to make it easier for people to keep moving to achieve their goals. We do this by helping people on the move to make smarter decisions every day. That is why we are keen to support innovative ideas that keep the world in motion and that ultimately benefit society as a whole. The SkyNRG Corporate program is an exciting initiative. The development of sustainable jet fuel provides a smarter alternative for air travelers to reach their destinations. In the future, we hope to see cars and other vehicles included in such innovative and pioneering initiatives.”