Spring Associates

Spring Associates was founded in 2005 by two seasoned strategy advisors with extensive international experience, a vision on global trends, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Spring has a select team of top academic
performers with economic, financial and technical backgrounds. We interact directly with our first tier clients and with investment parties. We offer a challenging environment for smart and responsible academics with ambition.

We are active in a focused range of sectors specifically in regulated markets such as Energy, Financial Services and Publishing. We have a clear vision on sustainability in those sectors and what it means to operate and invest responsibly and how to marry this theme with value creation. We provide hands-on support in strategy development and implementation, investments, counseling, business building, and performance improvement.

Our work spans the globe. Our client work is primarily managed from Europe, but we also have a client and partner base in the US and in South East Asia. In selected cases we act as a business initiator or venture partner with corporate partners, entrepreneur and/or investors; and have established a handful of CleanTech ventures.