Bioport Development

There is currently very little dedicated sustainable jet fuel production capacity in the world. It’s a specialty product, with a high price. To bring down the cost price of sustainable jet fuel we need scale. So our main long term effort lies on increasing production capacity. We are teaming up with airlines and airports around the world to create the structure and the market pull that will enable regional sustainable jet fuel supply chains to get financed and built. We call these regional supply chains “BioPorts”.

Our Bioport model is based on a regional approach. This way the benefits can go well beyond carbon reduction. We see energy security, reduced price volatility, (potential) development of local communities and rural areas, adding value to (marginal) lands and economic growth as main drivers to engage a broader group of stakeholders (e.g. governments, farmers, investors, NGOs).
For a Bioport we use the feedstock that makes most sense for the region and we will engage with the right conversion technology and partner. As long as the end product meets the technical specifications and our sustainability criteria are met we are willing to consider any feedstock/technology combination.

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