Why airlines choose sustainable aviation fuel

For the coming decades, airplanes are not able to switch to alternative energy sources like hydrogen or electricity. Therefore, sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) are the only way for airlines to significantly reduce their carbon footprint in the foreseeable future. Besides reducing CO2 emissions, SAF has numerous advantages as it can, for example, increase the security of fuel supply and help to create price stability. Many airlines recognize these benefits and in the past years, SkyNRG supplied over 25 airlines among which: KLM, Finnair, Alaska Airlines, Etihad, Qantas Australia, LAN Chile and Air Canada.

Benefits for airlines

The use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) can offer an airline many benefits, below we listed the most important ones. More background information on SAF can be found here.

  • On average, SkyNRG’s SAF can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%, compared to fossil jet fuel.
  • Regionally produced SAF can increase the price stability of jet fuel because there’s less dependency on the products refined by fossil crude refineries that are more sensitive for price fluctuations.
  • Many continents and countries depend on imported jet fuel. Locally produced SAF can increase a region’s security of jet fuel supply.
  • Studies indicate that SAF has a higher energy density than fossil jet fuel. Burning neat, unblended SAF yields an improved fuel efficiency of about 1,5%.
  • SAF can help to reach an airlines’ sustainability targets bur also pre-empts intensified carbon taxing (ICAO GMBM).
  • The SAF-industry is innovative and exciting and SAF flights attract a lot of positive marketing & exposure worldwide.
  • SAF use can improve local air quality as it reduces emissions from particulate matter (PM) with up to 90% and sulphur emissions (SOx) with 100%, compared to fossil jet fuel.

SkyNRG’s services

Besides supplying many SAF flights on various blends, we also have many partnerships in place with airlines all over the world to co-fund the premium and develop regional SAF supply-chains. To learn more about our product, please visit the page where we explain the rationale for SAF or our FAQ-page. If you want to find out how SAF can benefit your airline and how we can work together to make the aviation industry more sustainable, please contact us at info@skynrg.com.

  • We take care of all operational aspects: we source the SAF & fossil jet fuel, we take care of the blending and certification of the fuel and offer flexibility in the supply location.
  • Competitive priced SAF: we offer drop-in SAF at the most competitive price.
  • We help to co-fund the premium: we help to make SAF affordable by effective co-funding combined with unique marketing. Examples are the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme, the Fly Green Fund, government incentives & airport support.
  • Guaranteed sustainability: SkyNRG has its operations RSB certified and is structurally advised by an independent Sustainability Board.