Why airports choose sustainable aviation fuel

Much of the development of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to date has been driven by airlines. Although this has proven to be an effective way to get SAF on the radar of governments and other stakeholders, the market is not mature enough yet for airlines to use it on a large scale. High price premiums for SAF are the most important factor that limited the uptake of SAF thus far, as the highly competitive nature of the airline industry makes that airlines cannot afford to pay more for fuel on a structural basis.

That’s why we see an important role for airports to further the development of SAF. Airports can leverage their unique position at the intersection of airlines, fuel suppliers, fuel operators, governments, and communities to support the scale-up of SAF. Because an airport can aggregate fuel demand across all airlines, has a broader range of potential funding sources, and plays an integral role in the regional economy, an airport-led approach can benefit airlines, communities, and the airport itself.

Benefits for airports

The use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) can offer an airport many benefits:

  • On average, SkyNRG’s SAF can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%, compared to fossil jet fuel.
  • SAF use can improve local air quality as it reduces emissions from particulate matter (PM) with up to 90% and sulphur emissions (SOx) with 100%, compared to fossil jet fuel. This can for instance contribute to the regional/national license to operate and grow.
  • A medium to long-term benefit of building a market for SAF is that it can stimulate regional economic development. A regional supply chain for SAF aggregates demand and creates a reliable market pull that can attract investment to fund new business activities that result in job creation, industry development, land-use and research & development.
  • The SAF-industry is innovative and exciting and SAF flights attract a lot of positive marketing & exposure worldwide.

SkyNRG’s services

The Airport Approach

Together with International energy NGO Carbon War Room (CWR), SkyNRG developed a model tailored to airports. This Airport Approach, which was first developed by the partners in 2015, engages airports as key stakeholders in the future of SAF. The model introduces an airport-wide SAF blend utilizing existing fueling infrastructure, making SAF standard for all flights refuelling at the airport.

Together with partner airports we look for and develop appropriate supply routes, and identify and secure effective mechanisms to cover the cost premium of SAF based on the financial profile of the airport. This can include non-aeronautical airport revenues, operational cost savings from energy efficiency projects, government subsidies, policies, grants and sponsorship by local businesses. In addition to supporting with planning, development and funding, the partners work with airports on the implementation phase of the SAF programs.

Sustainable aviation fuel for airports

Both as a part of an Airport Approach partnership, as well as on a standalone basis, SkyNRG can become your SAF supply partner with its one-stop-shop services:

  • We take care of all operational aspects: we source the SAF & fossil jet fuel, we take care of the blending and certification of the fuel and offer flexibility in supply location.
  • Competitive priced SAF: we offer drop-in SAF at the most competitive price.
  • We help to co-fund the premium: we help to make SAF affordable by effective co-funding combined with unique marketing. Examples are the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme, the Fly Green Fund, government incentives & airport support.
  • Guaranteed sustainability: SkyNRG has its operations RSB certified and is structurally advised by an independent Sustainability Board.

  • To learn more about our product, please visit the page where we explain the rationale for SAF or our FAQ-page. If you want to find out how SAF can benefit your airport and how we can work together to make the aviation industry more sustainable, please contact us at info@skynrg.com.