Waste oils (triglycerides) consist of three long chain hydrocarbons attached to one glycerine molecule.
SkyNRG’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is produced with the HEFA technology: with this technology the triglycerides are treated with hydrogen under increased pressure and temperature and in the presence of a catalyst.

During this hydrotreatment, the oxygen present in the natural oils is removed and pure hydrocarbons remain. The process is depicted in short below (the blue atoms are the oxygen atoms that are removed after the hydrotreatment):

Explanation of HEFA production process

The hydrocarbons that are produced are mainly normal (long chains) hydrocarbons and need extra treatment to create shorter and branched hydrocarbons. These processes are known as hydrocracking and isomerisation or in general hydroprocessing. The produced HEFA jet fuel is chemically nearly identical to fossil jet fuel and even exceeds some of the current specifications for standard jet fuel.

Besides the HEFA technology there are other technologies currently being developed to convert sustainable bio based feedstock into jet fuel. Some of them are close to being accepted for commercial jet fuel production. SkyNRG is closely monitoring all these developments and involved in various projects to further apply these technologies in practice. In our technology section you can find more information about these technologies.