SkyNRG Updates

Technology Developments

Global Bioenergies receives ASTM certification with support from SkyNRG

The ASTM Main Committee has officially certified Global Bioenergies’ pathway on isobutene derived SAF.

SkyNRG started the work of requesting ASTM qualification on behalf of Global Bioenergies in 2019, within the context of the EU funded project REWOFUEL. With the first samples being shipped to the US for analysis early 2020, it has taken 3.5 years to get the pathway qualified.

It will take roughly eight weeks for the Standard to be updated, so by mid August the ASTM Standard D7566 will show isobutene as an approved starting material to produce Alcohol-to-Jet SAF.

Product updates

Launch of SkyNRG Advisory Services

We are launching Advisory Services for airlines, corporates, fuel producers and investors who would like to learn more about SAF.

With these packages we can advise on a wide range of topics and will use our decade of market knowledge to support and inform players who would like to learn more about the system.

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