Future Fuels

In scaling-up SAF we see a need to commercialize new SAF conversion technologies that offer a better business case compared to the solutions that are available today. New technologies are also critical to diversify the sustainable feedstock base that can be used for SAF production.

Today we are mostly limited to waste oils and fats, whereas we want to be able to use wastes and residues from for instance the agricultural and forestry sector as well.

At SkyNRG we work together with leading technology providers. Together with these companies, and other partners, we are involved in more than 15 innovation tracks where we aim to take the next step towards commercialization. This could be the development of a pilot or demonstration facility, or an effort to obtain technical (ASTM) certification for the fuel. Given our ability to market SAF, our project development capabilities and knowledge and expertise of the SAF market, we can add unique value to these projects.

There is a strong link with these innovation tracks and the development of future DSL’s, whereby we will implement these technologies on a commercial scale.

To learn more about Future Fuels at SkyNRG contact Misha.


Misha Valk

Head of Future Fuels