Programs & Solutions

Although prices have significantly come down in the past decade, sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) are still more expensive than conventional jet fuels. At present, sustainable aviation fuel is approximately two to three times more expensive than regular fossil jet fuel, depending on the feedstock, technology and the set-up of the supply chain. 

The price premium, the price gap between SAF and conventional jet fuels, has been the biggest challenge limiting large scale uptake of SAF to date. The lack of scale and the lack of stable and effective policy in turn maintain the price premium.

To overcome this chicken-and-egg problem and bridge the price gap with conventional jet fuels, SkyNRG has initiated a number of customer programs. Through these programs, corporates, travellers, governments and NGO’s from around the world can fly on sustainable aviation fuels, reduce their carbon footprint and help co-fund the premium.

Our recently launched Board Now program, the KLM Corporate SAF Programme and the Fly Green Fund are examples of such customer programs.

Besides our propositions for airlines and corporate travellers, we also work actively together with airports and governments to cover the premium for sustainable aviation fuel.

To learn more about our customer programs and the opportunity to fly on SAF, please contact Charlotte.

Charlotte Hardenbol

Head of Programs & Solutions