Travel Companies

Your customers expect you as their travel provider to take action to reduce the environmental impact of travel. Our Fly on SAF solution is an easy and free to use tool that enables your customers to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint through your channels.

How to integrate climate action into your customer experience

Partnering with us and our Climate Tech partner CHOOOSE enables you to utilize our experience in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Climate Tech and offer a complete climate solution to your customers.

Our integrated Fly on SAF tool works seamlessly at any digital checkout and includes the ability to track, report and analyze performance across all your digital channels.

In addition, it can be branded to your company branding and comes at no cost to our partners.

Discover the benefits

Take a stand

Stakeholders and customers are looking for sustainability. You can make that happen.

Gain new insights

Use sustainability to measure, report, and learn from your customers.

Receive our full support

We help you integrate climate action into your customer experience for free.

Customize to your situation

Our Fly on SAF solution can be integrated into your check-out flow, be a dedicated branded application or a separate website, according to your needs. 

Our team of communication and positioning experts are happy to support you in finding the perfect spot in your channels to engage with your customers on climate action, and communicate according to your guidelines. 

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Avigail Kohn

Product Manager