Corporate Travelers

The impact of aviation on our carbon footprint is substantial and growing rapidly. Corporates around the world are looking for ways to limit their impact from business travel. Although there is no effective way to reduce your air travel footprint than by to flying less, options like alternative transportation, calls and video conferencing just can’t always cut it

If you do go by plane, there is the option of offsetting your emissions. Some airlines already offer offsetting programs and in that way support projects that plant trees or supply cooking stoves to developing countries. Although we believe carbon offsets should be part of the “mix” of measures in the short term (if managed the right way). But the availability of high-quality carbon offsets has a limit and they do not offer a lasting to the industry’s growing impact. At this moment, SAF is the most promising short to medium term solution to drastically reduce aviation’s CO2 emissions.

Corporate leaders from around the world are stepping up by choosing to innovate and mitigate, rather than compensate. By participating in one of our programs, amongst others the Board Now program, corporates commit to flying on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), thereby reducing their travel emissions and supporting the growth of an industry that provides a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

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Maxime Molenaar

Program Manager

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