Every aircraft should fly on SAF. 

If the aviation industry was a country, it would rank sixth in global carbon emissions. The largest portion of these emissions is related to the combustion of jet fuel. It’s clear that alternative energies like hydrogen and electricity are not realistic in the foreseeable future. However, SAF can be easily used in the aviation industry and drastically cut emissions immediately. Now is the time. 

Flying more sustainably? It’s possible.

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, wouldn’t you like to fly more sustainably?  
The most effective way to act more sustainably is to fly less. Or, limit your air travel by choosing other greener modes of transport. However, when flying is essential, you can actually reduce your carbon emissions. How? By choosing SAF. More people in more countries all around the world are choosing to fly on SAF. SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) is made from sustainable materials, like used cooking oil and agricultural waste. By flying on SAF, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and fly more sustainably.

The three benefits of using SAF. 

  1. You can reduce your carbon footprint partly or completely 
  1. You’re part of the greener flying revolution 
  1. You accelerate the switch to Sustainable Aviation Fuel 

Would you like to fly more sustainably?  
Visit SkyNRG’s and add SAF to your next trip.  

Jef de Vries

Jef de Vries

Program manager