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2019 19th of January Finnair, in partnership with SkyNRG, introduces service for customers to fly on sustainable aviation fuels
2019 19th of January World Energy, SkyNRG and AEG Fuels supply Sustainable Aviation Fuel for Bombardier Business Aircraft Flying to the Business Jets Fuel Green Event in Los Angeles
2019 16th of January Royal Netherlands Air Force operates her F-16 Fighting Falcons per January on sustainable aviation fuel, supplied by SkyNRG, Shell Aviation and World Energy
2018 19th of December Swedavia, Fly Green Fund, World Energy, Shell and SkyNRG enable sustainable aviation fuel flights from five airports in Sweden
2018 6th of December Shell, World Energy, SkyNRG, KLM, SAS and Finnair join forces to reduce carbon emissions at San Francisco Airport
2018 2nd of July Royal Netherlands Air Force first to operate F-16 Fighting Falcon on sustainable aviation fuel, supplied by SkyNRG
2018 30th of May Shell Aviation and SkyNRG agree strategic collaboration to advance use of sustainable aviation fuel
2018 23rd of May Waste to Wing project first to enable sustainable aviation fuel production in South Africa
2018 4th of April Design and consultancy organisation Arcadis joined KLM’s Corporate BioFuel Programme
2018 22nd of January Air Traffic Control the Netherlands becomes KLM’s latest biofuel partner
2017 3rd of October Aviation sector submits “Smart and Sustainable” plan to Minister of Infrastructure
2017 18th of September Geneva Airport is first to advance Carbon War Room-SkyNRG ‘Airport Approach’
2017 19th of July Seattle-Tacoma International Airport moves a step closer to funding aviation biofuels
2017 12th of July SkyNRG announces new Sustainability Board
2017 23rd of May SkyNRG and AEG Fuels complete delivery of sustainable aviation biofuels for Bombardier business aircraft demo fleets-flight-to-EBACE
2017 18th of May SkyNRG, Fly Green Fund and Swedavia enable sustainable aviatoin fuel flights from Gothenburg Landvetter Airport
2017 14th of May KLM, Växjö Småland Airport, Södra, SkyNRG and partners sign LOI to investigate the feasibility of producing sustainable aviation fuels in the Växjö region
2017 9th of May Delft University joins KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme
2017 3rd of May SkyNRG, CAO and Epic Fuels supply Singapore Airlines to operate its first sustainable biofuel flight
2017 21st of April SkyNRG supplies Air Canada to operate sustainable biofuel flights
2017 17th of April Global Bioenergies and SkyNRG announce collaboration to work on ASTM-certification of an isobutene feedstock and conversion process for the production of sustainable aviation fuel
2017 3rd of January SkyNRG, Fly Green Fund and Swedavia enable sustainable aviation fuel flights from Stockholm Arlanda Airport
2016 31st of October New partnership with Carbon War Room and SkyNRG makes Seattle-Tacoma International Airport the world’s first airport to proactively explore long-term financing for sustainable aviation fuels
2016 26th of October Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment joins KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme
2016 9th of August SkyNRG, KLM and AltAir prove that sustainable jet fuels are here to stay by signing a three-year offtake agreement
2016 15th of July SkyNRG supplies South African Airways to operate Africa’s first sustainable biojet fuel flight
2016 7th of June SkyNRG joins Circle Economy
2016 31st of March SkyNRG, Embraer & KLM announce sustainable jet fuel flights from Oslo to Amsterdam
2016 16th of March Fly Green Fund wins Biofuel Partnership of the Year Award at World Biofuel Markets Amsterdam
2016 22nd of January SkyNRG, Avinor and Air BP make first volumes of sustainable jet fuel a reality for Lufthansa, KLM and SAS at Oslo Gardermoen Airport
2016 19th of January SkyNRG welcomes ABN AMRO as a new customer in the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme
2015 17th of November SkyNRG, Boeing and SAA sign MoU in the presence of the Dutch Prime Minister Mr. Mark Rutte, on the development of sustainable jet fuel in South Africa
2015 28th of July SkyNRG and partners take the development of sustainable jet fuel in Sweden to the next level
2015 12th of January SkyNRG licenses SeaNRG brand and announces new CEO
2014 9th of December SkyNRG, Sunchem SA, Boeing and South African Airways officially launch Project Solaris
2014 19th of November Oslo to become 5% biohub for Lufthansa, SAS & KLM – powered by SkyNRG Nordic and Avinor
2014 11th of November SkyNRG Nordic supplies biofuel to SAS and Norwegian
2014 6th of August SkyNRG partners with Boeing and South African Airways to turn tobacco plant into sustainable jet fuel based on Sunchem’s Solaris Technology
2014 10th of July BioPort Holland appoints Chairman of the Steering Board
2014 26th of June SkyNRG Nordic launches first BioPort in Karlstad
2014 22nd of May SkyNRG moves into a new office!
2014 16th of May SkyNRG supplies KLM’s new series of transatlantic biofuel flights to Aruba and Bonaire
2014 4th of March Statoil Fuel & Retail Aviation and SkyNRG announce close co-operation for Nordic region
2013 12th of November SkyNRG initiates BioPort Holland
2013 3rd of September SkyNRG supplies Schiphol Airport with sustainable diesel
2013 30th of April Virgin Australia, Brisbane Airport and SkyNRG plan to create Australia’s first bioport
2012 19th of June SkyNRG launches programme for corporate staff travel on biofuel with KLM
2012 19th of June SkyNRG supplies 3 unique biofuel flights to Rio +20
2012 17th of April Porter Airlines operates Bombardier Q400 aircraft in Canada’s first biofuel-powered revenue flight
2012 7th of March SkyNRG first operator capable of supplying RSB certified jet fuel into wing
2012 7th of March SkyNRG supplies LAN Chile for the first commercial flight in South America on sustainable jet fuel
2012 25th of January SkyNRG serves first Middle Eastern airline Ethiad Airways via Boeing “fuel from the factory”option”
2011 21st of December SkyNRG serves first Asia Pacific customer: Thai Airways
2011 14th of July SkyNRG to announce third sustainable het fuel customer: Finnair
2011 10th of June SkyNRG announces at Paris Airshow to supply KLM and several other airlines with sustainable jet fuel in 2011
2011 7th of January SkyNRG to announce second sustainable jet fuel customer: Thomson Airways
2010 24th of June Dutch Royal Airforce flies on SkyNRG’s sustainable jet fuel
2010 10th of May SAFUG expresses continued support to the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials