Swedavia, Fly Green Fund, World Energy, Shell and SkyNRG enable sustainable aviation fuel flights from five airports in Sweden

Amsterdam, December 19, 2018 – This year, Swedavia, the largest Swedish airport operator, received sustainable aviation fuel at five of their airports. With these deliveries, Swedavia is demonstrating their continued commitment to making the aviation industry more sustainable and reducing their own carbon footprint from flying. The fuel is produced by World Energy in Los Angeles and supplied by SkyNRG and Shell through the Fly Green Fund. The fuel is supplied at five of Swedavia’s airports: Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Gothenborg Landvetter Airport, Bromma Stockholm Airport, Visby Airport and Luleå Airport.


The Fly Green Fund is a Nordic initiative founded by SkyNRG, NISA and Karlstad Airport, that enables organizations and individuals to reduce their carbon emissions by flying on sustainable aviation fuel. Customers in the Fly Green Fund pay for the price difference between sustainable aviation fuel and conventional jet fuel, thereby stimulating the development of this industry. Swedavia joined the Fly Green Fund as a launching partner in 2015 and also became a corporate customer.


Swedavia is reducing carbon emissions for all their business flights through the Fly Green Fund. With their support Swedavia is not only making their own air travel more sustainable but through their partnership in the Fly Green Fund, they are also supporting the development of local sustainable aviation fuel production.

“Air travel needs to be part of the transport of the future and it must be sustainable. In the short term, biofuel is the solution that can provide the most benefit for the climate so investments in this are absolutely essential. With our forests as raw materials, we also have good opportunities for large-scale domestic production of biofuel. There is potential here for a new Swedish industrial sector and a showcase for the country,” said Jonas Abrahamsson, president and CEO of Swedavia.


“Thanks to partners, companies and travellers that have made contributions to the Fly Green fund, we have been able to deliver sustainable aviation fuel to Swedish airports. In a time when climate change is high on the agenda this is an important step towards a more sustainable way of flying,” said Susanne Sävenfalk, Managing Director of the Fly Green Fund.


“It is great to see that Swedavia is at the forefront of making the aviation industry more sustainable. Their commitment, together with the other partners and customers in the Fly Green Fund, is essential to scale this industry and support the development of SAF in the Nordics,” said Theye Veen, Executive Director SkyNRG



About SkyNRG

SkyNRG is the global market leader for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), having supplied over 25 airlines on all continents. SkyNRG sources, blends and distributes SAF, guarantees sustainability throughout the supply chain and helps to co-fund any price premium versus conventional jet fuel. At the same time, SkyNRG focuses on developing regional supply chains that offer a real sustainable and affordable alternative to fossil fuels. SkyNRG has its operations RSB certified and is structurally advised by an independent Sustainability Board in which WWF International, European Climate Foundation, Solidaridad Network and the University of Groningen hold a seat. www.skynrg.com


About Fly Green Fund

The Fly Green Fund was founded in 2015 by Karlstad Airport, SkyNRG and NISA (Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation) and is a non-profit economic association with the main goal to develop the Nordics into a pioneering biojet fuel region. The fund enables companies and private travellers to reduce their carbon footprint by flying on sustainable aviation fuel. Fly Green Fund aims to rapidly increase the demand for sustainable aviation fuel, in order to increase the volumes and decrease the costs. Fly Green Fund sees large opportunities to kick-start local production of sustainable aviation fuel in the Nordics. The fund is supported by its partners: Swedavia and SRF, Sveriges Regionala Flygplatser. www.flygreenfund.se


May 25, 2019