No surprise here, the most effective way to act more sustainably is to fly less. Or, limit your air travel by choosing other greener modes of transport. However, when flying is essential, there is a way to reduce your carbon emissions. How? By choosing Sustainable Aviation Fuel, or SAF.

What SAF can do for you

If the aviation industry was a country, it would rank sixth in global carbon emissions. The largest portion of these emissions is related to the combustion of jet fuel. Flight alternatives like electric or hydrogen powered planes are still in early-stage development. However, SAF can be easily used in the aviation industry and drastically cut emissions today.

How can you replace fossil fuel with SAF for your flight? Insert your travel itinerary into our Fly on SAF tool below and check out the possibilities.

How it works

Identify your emissions

Enter your flight details into the Fly on SAF tool and calculate the emissions of your trip.

Choose your contribution

You can then choose how much Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) you need to reduce your emissions.

Your SAF gets delivered

Your chosen volume of SAF will be supplied to an airport close to the SAF production facility.

Track your impact

You will receive a receipt highlighting your purchase and CO2 reduction.

Try it out now

Enter the information for your flight. See how much you can reduce your carbon footprint with SAF.

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