SkyNRG Americas

First the Netherlands, now North America

As a global market leader for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) over the last decade, we have set out to build a self-sustaining network of regional supply chains, known as Direct Supply Lines (DSLs). SkyNRG Americas shares this mission to develop and build a pipeline of DSL units in North America. Sky Americas’ first region of focus will be to supply the major airports on the West Coast of North America.

SkyNRG Americas, inc. Headquartered in Bend, Oregon

SkyNRG Americas, Inc. is a new company headquartered in Bend, Oregon, and is supported by SkyNRG. SkyNRG Americas consists of a dedicated team of experienced industry-leading professionals focused on building dedicated SAF production facilities throughout North America. We plan to analyze, develop, and execute commercial-scale SAF production projects by creating investment-grade business cases that meet the goals of our shareholders, our partners, and the clean energy transition that aviation needs now. These new North American SAF production facilities will lead to increased supply for SkyNRG’s global network, a perfect fit with SKyNRG’s ambition to supply SAF to the aviation industry across the globe.

With each step, we will maintain our stringent sustainability standards while also requiring a business approach based on economic success for our customers, partners, and shareholders. We are focused on selecting locations, feedstocks, and specific technologies for regional production facilities based on the synergies of the area, thereby ensuring that they are developed as replicable and profitable business models for each location. We are supported and advised by SkyNRG on sustainability, market development, and off-take contracts for the fuel, and we adhere to the stringent sustainability standards that SkyNRG has co-created and embraced globally with the help of leading NGOs and policymakers.