Building knowledge together to reduce global emissions

For over a decade, SkyNRG has been innovating and collaborating with partners across the world to increase knowledge on how to make flying more sustainable. Our knowledge center is a way to share our learnings to contribute to the wider sustainability movement.

Our expertise

Our unique position allows us to build expertise and provide advice to a wide range of organizations and stakeholders, including those working in government. We provide consulting services, and contribute to research and events to expand learnings on sustainable air travel.

Our consultancy services cover a wide range of topics, with the main goal of supporting our clients to build knowledge in the field of SAF. This will enable them to make educated decisions when participating in the SAF supply chain. Our services include detailed insights into the various technology pathways, guidance on how to set up a downstream supply chain, the latest developments within policy and sustainability and we provide insight in understanding the accounting principles of SAF.

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Eline Schapers
Eline Schapers

Head of Trading and Supply