2019, January 19th – Finnair introduces service to fly on Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Finnair today introduced a service, where its customers can offset the CO2 emissions of their flights by supporting a CO2 emission reduction project or reduce emissions by buying sustainable aviation fuel. Customers can choose to support sustainable aviation fuelled flights.

The use of sustainable aviation fuel reduces CO2 emissions by 60-80 percent depending on the raw material. Finnair customers can buy sustainable aviation fuel for 10, 20 or 65 euros, to reduce the emissions of a return flight in Finland, return flight within Europe or return intercontinental flight.

The “Push for change” service is available on Finnair web pages at www.finnair.com/pushforchange and customers can also use Finnair Plus frequent flyer points to pay for the service. Last month Finnair and SkyNRG already jointly announced with Shell Aviation, San Francisco Airport and World Energy a collaboration to fly on sustainable aviation fuels from San Francisco. ”We want to offer the best solutions for responsible air travellers, and are excited to work with SkyNRG on sustainable aviation fuels”, says Kati Ihamäki, Director, Corporate Responsibility at Finnair. ”

Aviation has several positive economic and social impacts, and it is important that we work to build a more responsible air travel. Many important products we use in our daily life are transported by air cargo, air connections enable international trade and maintain relations, and travel industry is a key source of income and employment for many countries.”

“It is great to see that Finnair is taking the lead in making the aviation industry more sustainable. Finnair customers are asking for sustainable solutions, and Finnair today is the first national carrier to offer those. With this initiative and the advocacy around it, Finnair enables the acceleration of the sustainable aviation industry” said Theye Veen, Executive Director SkyNRG.

April 10, 2019