SkyNRG is part of the global B Corp movement

There are already more than 3,500 organizations globally that have been Certified a B Corp™.

Certified B Corp™

To become a certified B Corp™, businesses must meet high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency in five areas: governance, community, workers, environment and customers. Accreditations are issued by B Lab, a non-profit organization.

With more than 3,500 corporations across 70 countries, B Corp™ is a global movement of organizations that use business as a force of good – and SkyNRG is one of them.


B Corp™ certification: the basics

A B Corp™, or benefit corporation, is a “for-profit corporation certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”

By being independently audited, companies are signaling to the world that they are serious about their efforts to go beyond profit and into positive change. To assure transparency to the public, the final assessment is made available in the B Corp™ Directory. Recommendations on areas of improvement are also provided together with the evaluation.

The certification itself is based on a rigorous assessment of all SkyNRG’s activities and impact on several categories. These are:

And Community.

View from the first floor to the inside of the SkyNRG office in Amsterdam.

Strengthening SkyNRG’s mission

Climate change caused by human activity is threatening the lives and livelihoods of billions of people and the existence of millions of species. But climate change does not affect all people equally.

While the US and the EU are responsible for close to half of all historical emissions of CO2, poor and vulnerable people are the first to suffer and are affected the most. This makes climate change a matter of social justice requiring urgent and radical action.

To act, SkyNRG contributes to a just energy transition in the hard-to-abate sector that is aviation. Its mission? To make sustainable aviation fuel the new global standard. By stimulating the sustainable aviation fuel market, we reduce carbon emissions while empowering local economies.

Becoming a B Corp™ further strengthens SkyNRG’s governance around sustainability. Organizations such as WWF already ensure that SkyNRG makes well-informed decisions concerning sustainability. Our participation in RSB (Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials), and certification of our operations with the RSB standards, means our SAF meets the highest sustainability standards in the industry, also from a social sustainability perspective.

A 360° approach to sustainability

SkyNRG’s principles underpin our reasons to become a Certified B Corporation®.

These principles are:

Reducing the emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases around airports through the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) we supply and of our fuel production sites. This is done by implementing innovative technologies to find new ways and materials to create SAF, such as carbon capture.

Advancing ambitious policies that support the upscaling of the SAF sector in a way that benefits marginalized communities and leads to revenue-generating opportunities for locals.

Seek consultation from local communities in the development of SAF projects, including First Nations and Native Americans.

Beyond being a catalyst for the sustainable aviation fuel market, SkyNRG also addresses its own carbon footprint by activities such as assuring our offices run fully on sustainable energy, and that, when the only option is to fly, 100% of fossil jet fuel volumes used for business travel are replaced by sustainable aviation fuel.

Looking forward

SkyNRG ultimately received its certification with sustainability and governance as the leading categories. But achieving this certification does not mean the end of our sustainability journey. While we are on the right path, there is room to improve. We will be actively working to increase our positive impact, together with the B Corp ™ team.

SkyNRG hopes that the global energy transition will lead to a more equal society where all can benefit. However, adhering to these principles does not come without obstacles as they require funds. Currently, SAF is not economically competitive with fossil jet fuel. Innovative financing mechanisms are therefore needed to accelerate the transition. Mechanisms such as SkyNRG’s BoardNow Program or Fly on SAF, where companies or consumers can contribute to paying for this price difference, are indispensable to drive change.

The growth of the B Corp ™ movement is a signal for positive change, beyond profit. Together, we can accelerate the energy transition and create a more sustainable future. Let’s change the way the world flies.

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Amy Malaki

Head of Policy & Sustainability
Amy Malaki