Our track record

We have sourced, blended and distributed SAF for over 40 airlines worldwide. 

Building a leading position in sustainable aviation fuel

Since its inception in 2009, SkyNRG has built a leading position in the SAF industry. We have sourced, blended and distributed sustainable aviation fuel to over 40 worldwide today. Our more than a decade-long journey includes many significant milestones, powered by our unique expertise. Throughout this journey, SkyNRG has helped shape policies, while helping others reach sustainability goals. We are a trusted SAF supplier, taking care of all steps from refinery to wing, including SAF sourcing, logistics and blending, certification, reporting and delivery.

On our mission to help aviation reach its 2050 sustainability goal, we work together with a large variety of fuel suppliers, airports, OEMs and associations to advance the uptake of SAF. We have also developed various programs enabling travelers to reduce emissions through SAF. We use the contributions to help finance production capacity.

We continue to accelarate the shift to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), keeping sustainable aviation at the core of what we do. If aviation is to meet its 2050 goal, there’s still a long way to go.

Join us on our mission to make this goal possible.

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Charlotte Hardenbol

Head of Programs & Solutions