Flying on SAF significantly reduces your company’s emissions from air travel and supports the production and growth of an alternative to fossil jet fuel.

Our Board Now program supports corporates long term in their sustainability commitments and helps to develop the business case for SkyNRG’s new production capacity projects, the first being SkyNRG Delfzijl.

By participating in Board Now, members commit to flying on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), thereby reducing their travel or cargo emissions and supporting the growth of an industry that provides a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

How your organization can benefit

Reduce your carbon emissions by 100%

It’s possible. Flying on SAF reduces CO2 emissions by at least 75%. If you choose to replace more than the fossil jet fuel from your flight with SAF, you can actually reduce your carbon emissions by 100%.

Flying more sustainably is good business

Reducing your company’s carbon footprint by investing in and flying on SAF demonstrates your commitment to sustainability to your employees, customers and shareholders.

Building more SAF production facilities

To meet the increasing demand, SkyNRG is building several facilities dedicated to producing SAF, including SkyNRG Delfzijl, SkyNRG Amsterdam, SkyNRG Pacific Northwest. Investing in these facilities through the Board Now program is a commitment to the long-term production of SAF.

How it works

Set your ambition
Set your ambition

You decide your company’s level of commitment, determining the volume of SAF you want to commit to fly on for your customers, staff and cargo.

Become a member
Become a member

You can then sign up to become a member of our Board Now program where we will tailor a package that best suits your ambitions and needs.

Increase, enable and deliver
Increase, enable and deliver

Your commitment signals demand for SAF, enabling us to build a new SAF production facility (the first being SkyNRG Delfzijl). Once it is up and running, we will deliver your SAF directly to a nearby airport.

Fly and claim
Fly and claim

Once you fly on SAF, a third party auditor annually verifies the corresponding carbon footprint reduction, which counts towards any sustainability goals set by your company or sector.

Our members and partners

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Avigail Kohn

Product Manager