SAF for Corporates

Using SAF reduces your carbon emissions from business flights and air transport, helping you achieve your sustainability goals and make your stakeholders proud. And the good news is, you don’t need to use it on your own flights. Curious how this works? Find out more below.

How can your organization benefit from using SAF?

Meet your sustainability goals

SAF reduces carbon emissions from air travel and transport by 80% compared to conventional jet fuel. It is therefore an effective, science-based solution to lower your Scope 3 emissions for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting and reach your sustainability goals.

Lead in corporate responsibility

Companies hold a unique position in driving sustainability. Adopting SAF sets your organization apart as a sustainability leader in your industry.

Make your stakeholders proud

Investing in SAF and reducing your carbon footprint sends an inspiring message to your employees, customers and shareholders. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and make your stakeholders proud to work with you.

Using SAF – How it works

Set your ambition

We support you in setting your company’s ambition and reaching your goals, by determining the amount of SAF you need to reduce the emissions of your staff, customers and cargo.

Become a partner

Together, we then tailor a SAF partnership agreement that suits your ambitions and needs. You can choose a period and amount of SAF that correspond to the emissions you aim to reduce.

Receive reduction claims

We then plan the delivery of your SAF to an airport and assign the corresponding carbon reduction claims to you, using the “Book and Claim” system. This system results in lower carbon emissions and costs from transport and enables you to claim the emission reductions, without using the SAF on your flights.

Report your impact

SkyNRG then provides you with an independently audited impact report that you can use for your Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

Learn more about Book and Claim


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Avigail Kohn

Product Manager

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