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Sustainability is reshaping the aviation sector and SAF will play a dominant role. SkyNRG supports industry players to navigate the rapidly changing landscape.

SAF Advisory Services

The aviation sector is rapidly changing and adopting SAF to reduce GHG emissions. Do you need advice on SAF production, distribution, policy, sustainability and market changes? As a global leader in SAF, SkyNRG is happy to help.


Policymakers are increasingly stimulating the use of SAF by airlines. We assess the impact of policies such as blending obligations or incentive schemes on your business and develop a SAF strategy to reach your net-zero commitments.


Are you committed to reducing your carbon footprint? SAF can help in reaching corporate reduction targets like SBTi. We develop a strategy for how SAF can play a role in reducing your scope 3 emissions.

Fuel Producers

Are you looking to produce and supply SAF? We help you navigate the SAF production pathways, policy landscape and downstream supply requirements. To identify regional SAF production development opportunities we can execute feasibility projects.

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Are you looking to invest in the field of SAF? With 10+ years of experience, we have extensive knowledge of SAF industry dynamics, including the viability of technological pathways. We provide the relevant market context and can evaluate potential investments.

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Oskar Meijerink
Oskar Meijerink

Head of Future Fuels