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Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) reduces the lifecycle CO2 emissions by at least 75% compared to fossil jet fuel. It is the future of the aviation industry and we’re working to support partners across the world to fly more sustainably with SAF.

Our tailored programs

SAF for airlines

When you use SAF to fly your customers and staff, you are actively contributing to your own sustainability goals, as well as those of the wider aviation industry.

SAF programs

SAF for corporations

By taking part in our Board Now program, you are one of the companies making a commitment to sustainable air travel. Supporting the production and growth of a greener alternative to fossil jet fuel.

SAF corporations

SAF for Travel Companies

People want to support companies who are taking action on climate change – our Fly on SAF program can help you to support your customers in reducing their carbon footprint.

SAF for travel companies

SAF for Travelers

When flying is essential, you can still reduce your carbon emissions and explore the world in a more sustainable way. How? By choosing Sustainable Aviation Fuel, or SAF. 

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Charlotte Hardenbol
Charlotte Hardenbol

Head of Sales and Marketing