When your planes fly on SAF, you are actively contributing to the aviation industry’s 2050 net-zero target.

Together, we can significantly reduce aviation’s emissions.

99% of airline emissions are the result of flying on fossil jet fuel. Alternatives like electricity and hydrogen offer promising sustainable replacements but they will not be commercially viable for decades and will not meet the need for long-haul flight fuel. SAF offers a clean substitute that meets the industry’s needs today.

Benefits for airlines

Reduces emissions

SAF reduces the lifecycle CO2 emissions by at least 75% compared to fossil jet fuel.

Improves air quality

SAF significantly improves local air quality, reducing the emissions of particulate matter by 90% and sulfur by 100%.

Increases fuel efficiency

SAF improves fuel efficiency by 1.5 to 3% – this may not sound like a large amount but on SAF, you can fly further on a full tank.

Contributes to sustainability goals

Flying with SAF allows airlines to reach their own sustainability goals, as well as industry-wide targets set to dramatically decrease emissions and slow down climate change.

Services and solutions for airlines

SkyNRG offers a wide selection of SAF services and solutions for airlines. Everything from SAF-powered flight programs at selected airports to consulting and co-funding programs.

How we work with you

SkyNRG is a supplier of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Based on our customers’ needs, we take care of all necessary supply chain steps to ensure that we deliver a drop-in and sustainability guaranteed fuel in a safe and sound way. We source the SAF, ensure that the SAF is blended and certified to fossil jet fuel specifications, and take care of all operations to deliver SAF into-wing, together with our partner Shell Aviation. We use the extensive experience, knowledge and network that we have built throughout the years to develop and manage SAF supply chains.

SAF sourcing

The SAF industry is still in its infancy. At the current state of the market, SAF cannot be ordered ‘off the shelf’. SkyNRG creates access to available SAF volumes to ensure we can supply our customers. We thereby continuously monitor the market and work on opportunities to increase SAF capacity.

Supply chain management

SkyNRG sets up and coordinates all supply chain steps necessary to deliver SAF to our customers. From loading operations, blending and customs, to quality control and airport access. We are always striving to optimize existing and new supply chains, through integration with existing jet supply chains.


Our SAF and our SAF supply chains are fully compliant with all relevant industry regulations. That entails compliancy with fuel quality specifications (e.g. ASTM, Defstan, AFQRJOS) and fuel handling standards (e.g. JIG, ATA) as well as compliance with sustainability certification schemes (e.g. RSB) and relevant Energy Directives (e.g. RED). We offer our customers full transparency and provide traceability, quality, and sustainability reports for all the SAF we supply.

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Eline Schapers
Eline Schapers

Head of Trading and Supply