Board Now

Our Board Now program was designed to increase Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production within the aviation industry, while offering corporations the opportunity to invest in a stable, long-term supply of SAF to reduce carbon emissions.

About Board Now

The Board Now program was launched in 2019 and was the world’s first program enabling companies to contribute directly to the development of the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry. Organizations who signed up to Board Now committed themselves for a period of 5 or more years to the purchase of SAF from SkyNRG’s first SAF facility, SkyNRG Delfzijl.

The Board Now program was closed as of 2022 after reaching the maximum member capacity, but we still offer different alternatives for corporates looking to reduce their emissions and invest in SAF.

How members benefit

To increase SAF production capacity, SkyNRG is building several facilities dedicated to producing SAF, including SkyNRG Delfzijl, SkyNRG Amsterdam and SkyNRG Pacific Northwest. By participating in the Board Now program, corporate members have committed to flying on SAF that will be produced by one of those new production facilities, like SkyNRG Delfzijl.

By using SAF from the production facilities, our Board Now members will reduce their travel or cargo emissions and simultaneously support the business case for new SAF capacity development today, enabling the growth of a new industry and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Our members

Discover SAF for Corporates

Our Board Now program is no longer open to new members. If you’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with us in the short and long term, please visit our corporates page to get in touch.

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