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Amsterdam, February 23rd, 2022 – SkyNRG today announced the signing of healthcare company Novo Nordisk to become the latest member of the Board Now program, marking the start of an 8-year partnership. The partnership will enable Novo Nordisk to reduce their CO2 emissions from air freight. The Board Now program allows corporations to reduce their carbon footprint from air transportation by flying on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The use of SAF results in a significant reduction of carbon emissions when compared to fossil jet fuel. In its neat form, SAF sourced from Direct Supply Line (DSL-01), the first SAF production facility enabled by the Board Now program, can reduce carbon emissions by 85%. Being the first healthcare company to join Board Now, Novo Nordisk not only addresses their own cargo emissions but also paves the way for other organizations to commit to and purchase SAF by signaling demand and generating more awareness. In turn, this long-term commitment will help support the development of the SAF market by creating additional capacity for the future and reducing costs. 

Through the program, Novo Nordisk is reducing their transportation CO2 footprint and supporting the development of dedicated SAF plants by SkyNRG. When the program is fully implemented in 2025, Novo Nordisk will reduce emissions by ~19.000 metric tonnes of CO2 every year. This is the equivalent of 27% of Novo Nordisk CO2 emissions from product distribution in 2021. 

‘’The science is clear; we need to see rapid CO2 emission reduction within this decade. Novo Nordisk has committed to achieve zero CO2 emissions from our operations and transportation by 2030. By investing in sustainable aviation fuel from SkyNRG, we will reduce our carbon emissions from our air freight significantly and this will bring us one step closer to our 2030 target” said Dorethe Nielsen, Vice President, Novo Nordisk. 

Novo Nordisk joins the ranks of Microsoft, Skyscanner, Boston Consulting Group, PwC, and others as a Board Now program Leader – which is the highest membership level of the program. “This collaboration demonstrates how businesses across different industries are shifting their perspectives on climate action and driving the change. In addition to 

working hard to minimize travel and freight emissions; looking at emissions across the whole value chain is also vital – seeing how life saving products, which Novo Nordisk delivers, can still get where they need to be on time, but in a more sustainable way. We’re delighted to work with forward-thinking organizations like Novo Nordisk who take sustainability seriously, as we continue our journey towards making SAF the global standard in aviation”, said Theye Veen, Managing Director of SkyNRG. 

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Key Facts about SAF 

Known as a “drop-in fuel,” Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a low-carbon, molecularly equivalent substitute for fossil-based jet fuel that in its neat form and across its lifecycle can deliver carbon reductions compared to fossil jet fuel, depending on the combination of technology and feedstock used. 

  • SAF is a liquid substitute for fossil jet fuel — rather than being refined from petroleum, SAF can be produced from sustainable resources like waste oils, agricultural residues, and even from carbon captured from the air. 
  • It is important to note that when flying on SAF, an airplane engine still emits carbon, but the sustainable resources used to produce SAF recycle CO2 that was emitted previously. 
  • SAF is an important solution for the aviation industry to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to other positive social and environmental benefits, such as job creation and biodiversity. 

About SkyNRG 

As the pioneer and a leader for sustainable aviation fuel, SkyNRG scales up SAF demand and supply globally. Having supplied over 30 airlines across the world, it is SkyNRG’s mission to make SAF the new global standard, driven by sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. To ensure SkyNRG makes the right decisions regarding the sustainability of its operations, projects, and products, SkyNRG is structurally advised by an independent Sustainability Board, which includes representatives from WWF International, the European Climate Foundation, Solidaridad Network, and the University of Groningen. Also, SkyNRG’s operations are certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), the highest possible certification standard for sustainable fuels. Learn more at: 

About Board Now 

Board Now (founded by SkyNRG) is a program helping corporates turn business commitments into action by choosing to fly on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), supporting the business case for new production capacity. In this way, we reduce Scope 3 emissions from business travel and / or air cargo and support the development of an in-sector solution for sustainable flying. If you’re interested in learning more, please send an email to