Direct Supply Lines (DSL)

As a global market leader for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), SkyNRG has set out to build a self-sustaining network of regional supply chains, known as ‘Direct Supply Lines’ (DSLs). A DSL is a supply chain for sustainable aviation fuel that consists of local feedstock, a commercial fuel production plant, and long-term offtake partners.

Supported by EIT Climate-KIC, SkyNRG has installed ‘Team DSL’, a dedicated team of experienced professionals who will analyze, finance, and develop a network of DSL’s throughout Europe. Team DSL focuses on selecting a location, feedstock, and technology for DSLs and ensuring that they are developed as replicable and profitable business models. To capture all environmental and socio-economic benefits of the selected DSLs, the team is advised by SkyNRG’s Sustainability Board and adheres to the company’s stringent sustainability standards.

Each DSL will be a high impact, high visibility project where we work with strong and reliable strategic partners throughout the supply chain (feedstock suppliers, technology providers, locations and sites, EPC companies, customers, etc.).


Currently, the first DSL project has been announced. (READ PRESS RELEASE HERE) This means the partnership is complete, off-take contracts are in place, and investments for the FEED and permitting phase are secured. The planning is to have the DSL-01 operational by 2023.

In parallel, part of Team DSL already has five more DSLs under development. Progress per DSL project will determine which DSL project SkyNRG will prioritize next. In any case, SkyNRG aims to rapidly increase the supply of SAF to a market with limited alternatives to reducing its carbon footprint.

If you want to learn more about DSL or are interested in team-up, please contact Kasper.

Kasper Spitzen

Team DSL – Commercial & Investment